Your LinkedIn Network in Pretty Colours

Fitting: Today I had planned to talk about LinkedIn, and today I get this in my email inbox:

What the heck???


My LinkedIn profile has been the last on my list to get much attention, so I’m sure they are just trying to butter me up.

But anyway, a few weeks ago, I attended the FFWD Advertising and Marketing Week in downtown Toronto for a few events and talks. One of them was with Allison Lange Engel who is a Global Marketing Director at LinkedIn. Amongst many other things in her information filled chat, she shared how you can now view your network with a pretty colour coded map to actually visualize how your connections are connected with each other. With InMaps you can create names for the colour groups to make it easier to read and see all the different areas in which your network is connected. Great for the visual people such as myself.

Here’s what my current map looks like:

Mine is looking kind of puny.


The description of this video says InMaps launched in 2011. Yikes. Well, I thought it was new. Regardless, here is a good visual rundown of this nifty map:


Thought it was cool enough to share.

Working smarter,