Why You Need a Holiday ASAP…

We all know what it’s like having responsibility. Whether you own a small business and make most (or all) of the decisions or you work for a business and take your job very seriously, we all have lots of responsibility. Sometimes our level of responsibility takes over however and creeps into our personal lives. We think our jobs will come crashing down around us if we sneak off the grid for a period of time.

It's holiday time here at Honky Tonk Lake! Yeehaw.
However, the opposite is true. Without proper rest both for our bodies and our brains, we get stuck in a rut that may be detrimental to our creativity, efficiency and overall production of amazing work. If we need to rest our muscles after a good workout, why shouldn’t we need to rest our minds after putting in lots of brain bandwidth since our last holiday? Here are 5 ways your business will PROSPER when you hit the slow lane: 

1. Rest Promotes Creativity – Do you ever have one of those days where you couldn’t come up with a new idea if your life depended on it? Downtime, whether it’s a stay-cation at home or on a beach somewhere, puts your head in a different space for a while, away from our regular day-to-day challenges. This promotes new creative thoughts and insights.

2. Your Team Will Grow Too – Whether you have a staff of 10, or a Virtual Assistant, trusting your team members to handle everything in your absence creates trust and opens the door to more responsibility for them, and more stuff off your plate. This equals overall greater efficiency.

3. Your Priorities Will Become Clearer – When you back off and delegate the everyday madness of paperwork, phone calls or client meetings, it’s an easier way for our priorities to present themselves in a clearer picture. Taking time for ourselves, family members and rest can help shift our priorities to where they authentically belong and put our priorities in perspective.

4. Recharging Makes You More Productive – When you are a little zombie-ish in the day-to-day routine of whatever you do, you may not be as productive as you could be. Most of us are under-rested and over tired both physically and mentally. Recharging your batteries can give us more energy, make us happier and in turn, make us more productive!

5. Vacations Make You Healthier – There is no question that resting is good for your health. If you have a high stress job and lots of responsibility, you can’t afford sick days. Regular vacations and rest times can help you avoid taking time off and avoid lost revenues due to illness.

Regardless of how you take your vacation, make sure you schedule some time off this summer. Remember to unplug all your gadgets and really focus on DOWNTIME. Set yourself up with the right help in your business before hand, and trust that everything will be handled fine in your absence. And whatever you end up doing…enjoy!