Weekend Round Up: September 30 – Vomit and a Dog and Pony Show


Whew. Last week was bus-eee. Lot’s to talk about, not enough hours in the day to type. Bought some absolutely wonderful stuff I just LOVE! I’m going to write a post about them this week, as I love sharing good stuff.

And then we get to the weekend. This past weekend was actually the Bobcaygeon Fall Fair and Agriculture Show. This is an annual event for me now, as I have judged the western horse show the past 3 years. Since having the same judge 4 years in a row is kind of unheard of but I still wanted to be a part of the fun, I volunteered to be an associate director this year. Basically I do whatever they tell me to, like setting up the trail course or doing the entries, etc.

We have good friends that live in Bobcaygeon, and every year we go up we also use the opportunity after the show to leave our kids with the sitter, dig into a case of beer, do a few jello shots and head on over to the Fair Dance on Saturday night for a country-style good time complete with a live band and the odd fist fight.

Tug was pumped. One of his best buddies was coming this year, and they haven’t hung out with each other in forever. We got up there Friday night and he wasted no time getting into the beer. Then the rum. And then the Crown Royal.

And then the vomits came.

Turns out, Tug had the flu. Possibly induced by alcohol, but on Saturday at 5:oopm it was still happening, so we figured he was really sick. Shaking, cold/hot, the whole flu nine yards. After the show I told him we should go home, but he was insistent on not leaving. He didn’t want me to miss the dance…even though he couldn’t go (this is why I love Tug). A few of us went into town and grabbed all of the medicine we could to help him out.

Fast forward to the end of the night, after the dance, several more beers and a few slurred words, we headed back to the house (we rented a bus, as there is a group of us). Without going into details, let’s just say history repeated itself with 2 other friends that night…beer induced this time. We couldn’t help but laugh, because really, everywhere I turned by the end of the night I heard the sound of retching. I don’t remember the last time I dealt with so much vomit. It was probably from a sickie 9 year old at some point. For a group of 30-something  professionals who have kids, we were a total mess…but these weekends are seriously what memories are made of – vomit and all.  And probably one of the only times of the year we can all get together and make asses of ourselves and say “I love you man” 15 times. It was great. Maybe next year we will grow up.

And happy to say, Tug is on the mend. By Sunday morning he felt great 🙂

This Week In Business:

Several of my clients are going through positive shifts in their businesses right now, and I’m so happy for them. One in particular is getting completely on board the “Virtual” train and moving into a virtual only model in the next few months. We’ve been working together for several years and this is a big step for him but will offer SO much more flexibility  as well as HUGE cost savings. I’ll be working in the next few weeks and months to make sure his systems are set up seamlessly…as well as continuing to support the business ongoing.

What do you do with vendors who don’t deliver on their promises? I’m dealing with this situation right now in regards to one of my vendors, and man is it frustrating. Obviously not using them ever again is the course of action going forward, but in the meantime, I kind of need what I paid for. Slow to return emails, 2 weeks for a simple file, and it’s holding me up on some of my personal marketing projects. Frakkkk! My last few emails have been not so patient, but really it’s not making a difference. And the kicker? He ends every email to me with “Smile”. Geez, that really gets my goat.

Doing some final edits of my article for Construction Industry Professionals after some feedback from my business coach. Also looking to re-name my 30 minute Strategy Session that I offer. Have  a few ideas on that one, but I’m open to suggestions. 🙂

Hoping to blog a bit more this week, but in the meantime, have a wonderful week. Enjoy the fall leaves changing… and try not to vomit.