Weekend Round Up — September 17th — Cocktails and Paint

I’m actually really excited to do this weeks Weekend Round Up! In case you didn’t notice, last week’s round up didn’t exist, partly because NOTHING happened. Really. I can’t remember one single thing I did last weekend. Sad, right?

Not this weekend. I have some very useful information to share with you: alcoholic beverage information.


I love fall. Everything about it. Pumpkins, cooler weather, warm cozy homes, the smell of a wood-stove, butternut squash soup, etc. After getting an idea from a Pinterest post, I really really wanted to make a pumpkin spice martini on Friday night. Heck, I was due for a libation and it just seemed like a yummy idea. The recipes online varied in ingredients, and unfortunately pumpkin liquer isn’t something my local LCBO stocks. So I improvised and created my own version…and it was GOOD. Like damn good. I may of had more than I should have as I was moving a bit slow on Saturday morning. Here’s the recipe:

Brooke’s Pumpkin Spice Martini

In a cocktail shaker over ice, pour:

Equal Parts: (I did 1.5oz)

  • Vanilla Vodka
  • Irish Cream Liqueur (such as Bailey’s…or the cheaper stuff…no one will know)
    A chilly fall evening warm-up.
  • Skim Milk


1 heaping tablespoon of pumpkin puree. Homemade, or from a can. (Not pumpkin pie filling).

Pinch of cinnamon.

Pinch of salt.

Shake well & pour into martini glass.

Garnish with pumpkin pie spice.


Saturday night Tug made reservations at Mexicanada in Bradford…one of our favourite places to eat. If you like Mexican food and live in the Toronto area, you MUST eat here. It’s worth the drive up the 400. It’s a hole in the wall. You sit on card table chairs and it’s cramped but it’s AMAZING. You can’t even get into this place on a weekend without reservations, so book ahead. It was also Mexican Independence Day as I found out when I was chatting with the owner, so I had an extra margarita to celebrate. Si!

Sunday we spent working around the house. I gave my front door a makeover with new paint, new hardware, and re-painted all the door trim. We replaced some of the trim around a few windows, and painted the rest. We are also putting some plans together to gut the inside of the cottage, but we have a strange layout. We have yet to have found a plan that works.

This is my addiction. I want them ALL!

I also put in ANOTHER Scentsy order. If you don’t know what Scentsy is…it’s basically housewife crack. I can’t get enough of this stuff! They are like flameless scented candles in the yummiest of scents. Tug has caught on to my addiction and I hid the laptop screen while ordering. He knew something was up and eventually guessed that I was buying Scentsy again. I bought some fall and winter scents. And maybe 1 or two new warmers! As long as it’s enough to get me through to November when I’ve been invited to a Scentsy party for more shopping fun. Squeee!

In Business This Week

I sent my logo out to my designer for edits last week as I seriously don’t like it. Since we have a booth at the Small Business Forum this year, I want to get the logo re-designed before I get my marketing materials done. Hopefully this will all be in the bag before the end of the week.

Also doing voice-over audio for a presentation/webinar I am putting together on How to Get More Authentic Twitter Followers. Everything is written and published…except the audio. I find listening to the sound of my own voice very strange. Gets annoying for editing. Anyway, hope to have that ready and on my website ASAP! And it will be FREE!

Also in the middle of writing an article “How Independent Construction Industry Professionals Can Benefit from a V.A.” Not the final title, but that’s the subject.

On top of  regular client work, following up with leads, networking and a call with my business coach. BUSY. But I love busy! 🙂 I also am having an itch to take another course. Hmmmm.

That’s a wrap for now, have a wonderful week of fall weather (and a cocktail or two?)