Two Trips, One Cheese

Last week was a mess.

Not just for me, but if you happened to be an awake human being at any point last week, you know that the weather systems in North America were um…EFFED.

A hurricane meets a nor-easter kind of effed with a bit of earthquake and tsunami thrown in for a little swirl of keep-you-on-your-toes. I was in the hurricane meets nor-easter sector of the nonsense. And of course, thanks to Murphy’s Law, I also had a trip to New York City booked at the exact same time that Sandy was unloading. Timing is everything I tell ya!

The trip was a girls weekend that we’ve been talking about for years. (8 to be exact). And we were really, really prepared to go. We  had checked out all the restaurants we wanted to eat at. We rented a flat a few months ago in the Lower East Side, had our flights booked forever and were pumped about lining up to maybe get tickets for SNL.

Even the weather reports didn’t scare us. We were prepared to deal with no power. For a night. And rain! Yes, we can handle rain.

But then the storm hit and so much was unknown. At one point the satellite image looked as though the path of the storm was coming RIGHT FOR MY HOUSE. But that didn’t happen. We had high winds and it rained for what felt like 40 days and nights but that’s about it. I’ve seen worse.  But as we all know, parts of the US weren’t so lucky.

Our biggest concern was that we wouldn’t be able to GET there. All the airports were closed and our flight was the biggest issue. Right after the storm, the guy who we rented the flat off of sent me an email saying be prepared for no power for a short time. He assured me that heat and hot water were still functioning. We were good! We like candles anyway! Now all we had to worry about was the flights.

I felt like a crazy person watching CNN like a hawk waiting to hear news that everything was going to be ok! I also realized I really like to PLAN and I couldn’t plan the outcome of this. I might have a bit of control freak tendencies I realized.

But as time went on, more and more came to light about the mass destruction that was felt in New York and New Jersey. We started questioning whether or not it was even a good idea to go. We are all about adventure, but there is also a line between adventurous and …well…stupid.

Then they opened the airport! Yay! Screw stupid, we were now officially going. I started packing. Added candles to the checklist. Yes, we’d have to fight to get into Manhattan from the airport, but we thought we’d have a few cocktails on the plane to toughen us up.

Then at the 11th hour I received an email from the guy with the apartment. There was no heat. There was no hot water. There was no guarantee that there would be.  The trip was cancelled.

I unpacked. Sulking. Of course there’s a fucking hurricane when we plan to go to New York! OF COURSE! Humph!

Luckily all of our money for the flight and apartment would be refunded and we would just have to re-do this all over again another time.

It just wasn’t meant to be. And thank goodness.

Right after I cancelled my flight while sitting in the waiting room getting my vehicle serviced and watching their TV, the extent of the destruction hit me. There was no way we should have gone. Heartbreaking story after heartbreaking story of people losing everything they worked so hard for to  be gone in the matter of a day.Lower Manhattan was still effed. Really effed.

My poor little sobby “trip is cancelled” story suddenly didn’t seem so bad. I needed to stop being a spoiled brat and just be thankful I wasn’t there, or that my house wasn’t hit. I was lucky. And thankful.

Needless to say last week was spent watching a lot of news and getting prepared and unprepared. I was tired. I hunkered down at home and counted my blessings.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Tug was prepping for his own little holiday…

Cheese Head

Tug actually went on a trip this weekend that wasn’t affected by the weather. And he had a ball. I think the picture speaks for itself.

Back off ladies…


Have a safe week. Be blessed. xo


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