A Note on Compassion: The Most Profound Thing I’ve Heard in a While

Good Sunday morning beautiful people.

I wanted to share with you something this morning that set off all of the light bulbs in my head (even if there is only one).

For whatever reason this morning after completing my morning routine, I went on over to Michael Beckwith’s Agape Centre page, and was greeted with this:

There is a common misunderstanding about compassion that causes people to conceive of it as a syrupy, sweet way of interacting in the world.  Compassion, however, is the understanding of the lack of understanding.  It takes a tremendous amount of clarity, strength and spiritual maturity to practice genuine compassion.

Love offered from a place of true compassion is not personal; it is transpersonal, non-dual quality that emanates from the depths of one’s being.  The spiritually-awakened heart practices unconditional compassion which expresses exactly as it needs to – tough love at times, soothing, comforting love at others.  But love is always the view, the motive, the practice.

How powerful is this? Compassion, however, is the understanding of the lack of understanding.”

How often to icky feelings arise when people don’t understand us, get us, feel us, hear us… and how often do we beat ourselves or other people up (figuratively speaking of course, hopefully) when we/they just don’t “get” it, missed the point, or overlooked something completely?Cool-compassion

If we hold this thought in our head throughout the week, how will it change how we help our clients, staff, volunteers, children, parents or ourselves?

Put that in your pipe.


Brooke Simmons