The 12 Days of Christmas/Get Sh*t Done List

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy Thanksgiving to YOU (my American friends for the latter)!

I’m sitting here taking a break from regular work, listening to Christmas music, looking at my half naked Christmas tree and planning my trip this weekend to Buffalo to get some Christmas shopping done.  I’ve realized that thinking about this stuff doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzies. There is always so much to do, many people to visit, cooking, baking, wrapping and we are always on the go. We are busy enough anyways, and year after year, I put off things that need to be done, so I’m always doing last minute stuff and wrapping at 2am Christmas morning.

Not this year, kids.

I’m scheduling.

I want to have weeks to relax and enjoy the holidays, watch Christmas movies with the fam and eat cookies. Maybe even check out some Christmas concerts and spend time enjoying the mushies of the season instead of spreading this stuff out for an entire month.

So I scheduled myself 12 days, beginning today, to get everything done.  Which in turn gives me 16 days of no “have to” items and to do whatever the heck I want. Here’s the plan:

DAY 1 (That’s today): Decorate the tree.

Day 2:  Purchase, sign & mail business Christmas cards.

Day 3: Purchase, sign & mail personal cards.

Day 4: Christmas shopping – main things.

Day 5: Christmas shopping – stocking stuffers.

Day 6: Send invites out to my annual “After Christmas Fondue” dinner party.

Day 7: Purchase items to make hostess/little gifts – gifts for acquaintances, teachers, coaches, etc. – Look for another blog post to show you what I did and how I did it.

Day 8: Gift making day 1.

Day 9: Gift making day 2 (in case all doesn’t get done on day 1).

Day 10: Wrapping day. Intending on going bananas and getting it all done.

Day 11: Baking and wrapping day.

Day 12: Finish loose ends, deep clean the house.

Voila! Mini-jobs everyday, less than 2 weeks. It actually doesn’t seem like that much when I write it all out. Doing something everyday and condensing it into a short-ish period of time makes for greater organization and better planning. And more opportunity to eat cookies.

This year I also have a couple of Christmas bucket list items I’d like to get done, which I will now have time for. I’d like to:

  • Donate a meal to a family less fortunate.
  • Go to my local pioneer village with the fam for a Victorian Christmas experience.
  • Have a Christmas movie marathon. (My personal faves are the Muppet Christmas Carol and The Family Stone).
  • Make Glogg. (A Norwegian mulled wine).
  • Try these little gems. The name is perfect, yes?

How are you spending your Christmas prep time?

Happy holiday shopping and be nice on Black Friday ,

Brooke Simmons


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  1. I like this idea. Even starting tomorrow I’ll still be a few days ahead and there’ll be no wrapping marathons on the last day.

  2. I read almost everything on your page here and it was so interesting! You truly are a positive light in, what can be, such a dim World! Have a GREAT weekend- Christopher

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