New York, New York

Start spreading the newwwwws…..

I’ll stop.

But seriously, I’m off to New York and I couldn’t be more excited!  Mainly because I can count on one hand how many days I’ve taken off in the last few years. I’m crNew York, New Yorkaving fun, adventure, and no computer monitor! Also, it’s a girls only trip, which means obviously lots of inappropriate conversations about boys and many glasses of champagne.

This is also a “make-up” trip since the last time we tried to do this there happened to be a natural disaster.

As one girlfriend said over the phone today  “Really, Brooke all we need is a warm place to drink”. Haha. Point.

Looking forward to the food, maybe catch a show, perhaps even be a camera-around-the-neck tourist and go on that Sex and the City bus tour. No itinerary. Not even a map. This should turn out smoothly.

So it’s been a while since I’ve been in NYC. Anything that we MUST see/do/eat/drink? I’d love to hear your suggestions!


Brooke Simmons


Weekend Round-Up – August 27th

Banana Chocolate baked French Toast
Ah, good weekend.


Not much rest, but got lots done and overall, sometimes that’s just more satisfying.


After a busy and stressful week last week with my vehicle blowing up just as I was getting on the highway (with no exit of 12kms, the horrifying sign said in front of me), client deadlines, and the phone ringing off the hook (good thing, but tiring), I kind of just wanted to hunker down, have a few drinks and maybe pass out on the couch in my clothes.


Since I am now back training for a 5k, and trying to develop some definition while at it, I did manage to get up and head

Sadland Face is what happens when you’re stuck in your vehicle. And it’s smoking.

out for a run on Saturday morning in the blistering heat. I don’t do heat well and by the time I got home I was pleasantly delirious and drenched… and I managed to talk to my neighbour as I stumbled up the driveway…not really sure what we talked about though. I also don’t do mornings well. Or running well for that matter, so the fact that I managed to fit all of that together before noon earned me a glass of wine. *clink*

After a scrub down I went and got my hair did. Used this time to study SEO. The only time I have to “study” is getting my locks stripped of all colour and possibly chemicals leaking into my brain, but whatever, I’ll take it.


Then off to meet with a client. I NEVER meet with clients on weekends, but with this particular client we have a great friendship too, and it brought me many hours of more business and a great brain storming session, so it also brought many new ideas to the table. Double bonus.


The other half was working late and The Princess was with her dad so I got home, got in my jammies and poured a glass or 3 of wine, made some ricotta stuffed strawberry crepes and watched lots and lots of Sex and the City. Seriously, a perfect night. One of my favourite shows hands down, and now that I’m planning an upcoming trip to NYC, I love getting my NYC fix even before I get there. (Can you ever have enough NYC?)


Sunday’s regular BadAss brunch was replaced with left over chicken wings (from Tug’s take out dinner), as I didn’t want to spend an hour cooking in the morning. Although technically chicken wings are bad for your ass, so it was a BadAss brunch. Then off to the garden to focus on one section.


Banana Chocolate baked French Toast
Last weeks BadAss Brunch was Banana Chocolate Baked French Toast. Goes right to your ass.


My garden is seriously a full time job. I bought the house from a horticulturalist who’s life was plants. The house had sat empty for over a year, so although I have some gorgeous and rare plants back there, there was lots of overgrowth. I do enjoy gardening, but I’ve learned in order to have a life, I need to scale it back. So we have removed a few things this year, and probably will next year too. We added a veggie garden (I love homegrown food!). It really is a learning experience for me, as I have to figure out what is what. We’re trying to create space right now to add a fire pit without burning the whole place down.


And Tug worked on the workshop. (Well I helped too:)) We’re going to be putting a new roof on it this fall and getting new doors. Then he announced he is building an ice hut.


…And storing it on the front lawn.


Super. (F&%K)
This is the new Ice Hut Factory. Eff.
Overall, a successful weekend. I love weekends where I can wipe a whole bunch of stuff off my to-do list.


And this week, I’m back in my zone, as The Real Housewives of New Jersey starts up here. I can’t get enough of that series! (I know…trashy! But satisfying my inner trash-pot).


Have a wonderful week 🙂