Oracle Cards: Proof is in the Twenty and 5 Ways to Use Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards_Proof is in the TwentyBuckle up.


I’m about to get woo-woo. Let’s talk Oracle cards.




Oracle cards: Decks of cards, similar to the Tarot, but with different meanings, pictures and deities. Used for connecting spiritually to receive insight and spiritual guidance.

The Twenty Dollar Message

I want to share a cool story of what happened yesterday when I pulled my morning Oracle card.  Occurrences with Oracle cards often blow my mind, but it was so powerful it prompted me to share my deal with Oracle cards and why I think they are so freakin’ awesome.


I pulled my 1 card from the “Messages from Your Angels” deck by Doreen Virtue. Here was the message:

“As you honour and follow the guidance of your heart, prosperity is coming to you now”.
This honestly had no real meaning to me this morning as I had other issues on my mind and was frankly a tad stressed out. I further read the meaning of this card in the deck’s handbook and here is the line that was my take away:


“…in the meantime, allow me to help you through my heavenly contributions…”
This didn’t resonate immediately either, but I trusted it had meaning. I went on to get ready for my day.


I was scurrying back and forth between my bedroom and the bathroom, throwing on mascara, forgetting my bra, the typical female whirlwind, when something stopped me dead in my tracks.


There was a $20 bill laying on the floor in front of the bathroom. I shit you not.
My daughter was at a sleepover. I was the only one home…all night, all morning. I walked into this bathroom about 8 times already. I would have noticed a $20 bill.

Pockets! It probably fell out of a pocket when I threw my pants on? I checked. My outfit didn’t have pockets. There were no bags, shelves or anything close by that this would fall out of.

My heart got warm. If this wasn’t a sign from somewhere saying “Hey… I am totally here and listening to you, here…go grab yourself a Starbucks, Love.” then I don’t know what is.

My experience with Oracle cards started several years ago when someone I was dating at the time had a deck and pulled one card from it every morning. I wasn’t dating a hippie here, people. The dude was the Tasmanian Devil with a briefcase. But yes, he had a deck and used it. Which possibly contributed to his successes of selling ice to Eskimos.

I’ve gone on to purchase several of my own decks over the years and give them for gifts to those people who I’ve deciphered would totally dig a little spiritual wisdom on the daily. So far everyone who I’ve gifted with Oracle cards has come back to say they loved them and still talks to me and hasn’t had me committed or anything.

How I Use My Oracle Cards

I’ve incorporated them into my morning routine after meditation and Morning Pages. I pick the deck that I want to use that day and cut it in half. I then shuffle it while “tuning in”…to me this is just sending my energy to the deck. Once I’m done shuffling, I fan out the cards and simply pick one. Sometimes one stands out more than the others.


Retain the first thing that stands out for you. Is it the message? A picture? A feeling? A knowing?

I will say that 9/10 I get a very strong relatable message that smacks me over the head. A “physical healing” message the morning of a surgery I was having, an “end of life, rebirth” message the morning of a funeral of a family member.

Once I pulled a card that had a quote on it before I went to an appointment. While there, the woman told me her “motto”…it was the same quote…verbatim..that I had just pulled.

I frequently get “cheerleading” messages when I’m working on new stuff at work…which helps me know I’m on the right track and to keep going. However, the 1% of times where the messages don’t seem to match is when I’m totally out of alignment and monkey mind has taken over. This is why I meditate and do my morning routine before I pull my card.

Another note is that sometimes you can over read yourself. When I bought my first deck, I was so excited I went to my Oracle cards for everything. Don’t do that, their purpose is not for deciding what to have on your hamburger. You will get the messages confused and they won’t deliver as powerful punches as they really could. Honour these cards and make your readings sacred.

5 Easy Ways to Use Your Oracle Cards

  1. Daily Messages – Pick 1 card every morning for a daily message.
  2. Weekly Reading – Doreen Virtue does a weekly YouTube reading by picking 3 cards: the beginning of the week, the middle and the weekend. You can do this yourself with your own deck.
  3. Yes or No – Pick 1 card to help you to make a “yes or no” decision.
  4. Insight Message – Pick 1 card for a message when you find yourself in a confusing situation, or just need some insight surrounding something or someone.
  5. 3 Month Projection – Pick 3 cards to give you insights and messages to keep in mind 3 months into the future. First card is this month, second next month and so on.

My Current Decks:

Messages From Your Angels Cards by Doreen Virtue –  this was my first deck and is a good newbie choice. This was also the deck that delivered me my $20 message!

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue – I love this deck, partly because of my love for all things Goddess.

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet! by John Holland – This is a big deck and has delivered some majorly powerful messages over the last year.

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook by Doreen Virtue – This is my daughters deck that I gifted her when she was 13 because of her love of all things of the sea.

The Law of Attraction Cards: A 60-Card Deck by Esther and Jerry Hicks – This is my go-to gifting deck. Most people can swallow “Law of Attraction” before “Oracle” so it’s a safe choice to give to those you adore.

Happy Communicating!