My Trick for Shifting Perspective

Some days I manage to get myself all tied up in knots.  Things just don’t go right or someone has urked me, and I have a hard time just letting it go. In fact I’m thankfully not immune to this, everyone gets all tied up sometimes… some go bananas every day.

While I’m normally a positive happy-go-lucky person (90% of the time,) when something gets under my skin it stays there. It festers. And unless I do something to get rid of it, it’s not going anywhere.

Being fired up is OK, and I’m all about being authentic and expressing how you feel. Some people say anger is healthy. I still haven’t figured that one out, but I do know sometimes it can bring you down and work against you. I have learned over the years to switch my perspective as quickly as I can to try and not become a Negative Nelly. And 1 little trick works every time:

You sit and be thankful.


No joke.


Grab a pen. A piece of paper, a receipt, a dollar bill if you have to and write 5 things that you are thankful for.


Don’t get up until you have a list.


Read it again. Breathe. And read it again.


There have been times where I’m in such a negative frame that seriously I’d write something like


“I’m thankful for nail polish”.




But this shifts perspective from all the negativity and the energy that you hold when you are upset or mad or confused, and makes you grateful for maybe even a small insignificant thing. Like nail polish.


Do this every day. Do this when you are mad or upset. Make it a habit.


Sometimes I have to remind myself to do it. Usually my family does when they point out I’ve been a super bitch for over the time allowed. This is a great time to shift perspective. If it didn’t flick the switch out of Grumpy-ville the first time, write out 5 more. Eventually your brain WILL make the switch because you are looking at things from an entirely different point of view. Instead of coming from anger, lack and bitterness, your coming from positivity, abundance and gratefulness.
“Sure, you and your comments about my hair are ridiculous and insulting, but I have amazing nail polish and my best friend rocks.
Suddenly the only statement here that serves you is the positive one. The rest can take a hike.


 I can only give this advice from experience. It’s a fool proof system for happiness. It’s not an Rx to guard you against stupid situations and people. They will always come about without fail. But it is an Rx for shifting the situation in your own brain. And it works like a charm!


THANKS for reading.