My Fridge Reorganization Project

I am not a born organizer.

I like things clean and organized, but the latter part of that statement is a learned skill for me. Some people are born with mad organization skills, others have to learn them.  On the upside, I love to clean toilets. You get my point.

Anyway, since I realized how much organization can lead to efficiency I have been diligently working over the years to increase my knowledge in this department. Organized filing system? Check. Organized bill payment system? You betcha. Organized spice cupboard? Oh ya. Organized refrigerator? Umm. No.

The refrigerator is just something that my brain doesn’t organize well. I’ve tried. But basically when I get home from grocery shopping I’m so hungry from looking at and touching food for an hour that all I want to do is put it away or make something with it than figure out where the best place for it might be. Unfortunately this leads to me stuffing things anywhere there is room in the fridge. Which causes spills. And waste. And missing Tupperware.  And buying an extra jar of pickles. And the dreaded “what the f*ck is this?!” when my sweet Tug goes looking for his long lost lunch meat.

For the longest time I envied other people’s fridges. I get the whole clean thing, but how the hell do they keep everything so…organized?

And then I found a solution!


I’m a follower of the blog Organizing Homelife, and she has an amazing post (with printables!) on this subject. What a fantastic idea, and this really has been the solution to my mangled fridge problem.

I got Princess involved in this process too.

We brainstormed what we needed baskets for, taking in to account the fact that we already had 3 drawers. We figured out the main things that get lost in the abyss of the fridge are:

  • Condiments
  • Cold drinks
  • Cheese

The drawers we kept for fruits, vegetables and meats.

We then trotted off to the dollar store to grab baskets. I bought more than I needed, but I always have a use for baskets. I also bought laminate sheets. In total I spent less than $10.

Back at home we printed out the printable for this project, wrote out what they were for with a Sharpie and stuck them to the laminate sheet and cut them out. I found some zip ties out in the shop and used them and a hole-punch to attach to the baskets.

Meanwhile, Princess gutted the fridge. We purged and cleaned. We moved some shelving around. We then stuck things in our baskets.

TADAAA! An organized fridge!

What can I get for ya? A piece of cheese? A beer? It’s all right here!


The best part about this is that we can pull the baskets out so nothing gets stuck at the back to grow fur. I have a bin for cold drinks, and I store extras in the pantry. And there is a tall space now for juice jugs and leftovers.

The whole project took less than an hour and cost well under $10. Time and money saved in the long run if you ask me.

Now I just need to tackle the freezer :/