My Morning Game Changer and Morning Routine Take 2

Morning Routine

Morning routines of different successful people and creatives is been something I’ve always been curious about. I like to seek out articles about routines and study them. Look for comparisons. Try something new. Imitate a routine – try it on for size. Keep what fits, toss what doesn’t.

A few years ago, I wrote about my morning routine as it was at a time when I was consciously carving out a specific “power hour” time in the morning (I really hate that term, but it fits). Time for me. Prep my day. Create the plan. Connect with the Universe…yadda yadda. Over the last few years as I have grown to know myself more and more, it couldn’t help but evolve.

Right now my routine is more flexible. I’m someone who enjoys routine AND spontaneity (impossible?). Also being someone who isn’t the most…shall we say, quick to get moving in the morning…I need something that is flexible but also reaps many benefits. I have several things that my current morning routine consists of – only a few that are set in stone – and I take or leave the rest. No guilt. No pressure.

The common thread to my mornings is that: 1. They are spiritual. 2. They are easy. 3. They are setting myself up to have the most successful day possible. 4. Email/social media isn’t part of the plan (this drains my morning mojo almost instantaneously). It’s time to focus on my goals, my body and my spirit. To get into alignment about what’s important to me that day.

One Simple Morning Game Changer

One thing that has taken my mornings to a new level of greatness, is that I wake up a lot earlier. I am not

Morning routine
This little guy is a ray of sunshine at 5am

a morning person by nature, but a few months ago as an experiment, I invested in this wake-up light alarm clock. My iPhone does not come into my bedroom anymore as it’s such a huge distraction! Checking email and Instagram first thing in the morning is a recipe for a shit day.

So this wake up light, wakes you up gradually with a simulated, lighted sunrise. Then pops on music, or birds chirping or whatever froo-froo happy sound you choose, at the time you actually want to get up. I am a heavy morning sleeper and I have to say this gentle light has worked to wake me up every morning since I purchased it. It’s an easy wake up. It’s not jarring or annoying, and as I used it more, I experimented with earlier and earlier times, all with success. So then the earlier I get up the more time I have to linger on the things below.

My Current Morning Routine (roughly…with room and permission to flex)

5:15am – Wake-up light comes on and slowly gets brighter

5:45am – Music comes on, by this time I’m usually awake. I lay in bed and meditate and release anything that is concerning me.

6am – Wash face, brush teeth, get gym clothes on that have been picked the night before*. Make a lemon water and grab a banana for the ride to the gym.

6:20 – Most mornings now since my daughter is older, I head to the gym. I feel and work so much better after a work out. This is a static part of my routine unless there is a super valid reason why I can’t go (sick, dead).

7:30 – Home. Make tea and breakfast (I tend to at least figure out breakfast in my head the night before, prep it if I’m being a super adult). This is where my options come in. I then do one, two or several of the following (depending on what I really need, and how much time I have before I need to be in the shower):

  • Morning Pages.
  • Read a non-fiction book about a relevant topic (I save fiction for bedtime).
  • Write in my gratitude journal.
  • Pull an oracle card.
  • Brainstorm/mindmap/plan – when my mind is really on fire, or I’ve busted out a wicked idea.
  • Sun salutes (yoga).

8:10 – Shower + Podcast. I use my shower time to listen to whatever Podcast I fancy that day (money, Tim Ferriss, leadership, online marketing, astrology).

9am – Out the door or at my desk. Some days I drive my daughter and her posse to high school. Most days I’m a working nomad and work in cute cafe’s or other creative entrepreneurial gathering places.

*Life hack to get your ass to the gym.

Occasionally things don’t go as planned, but that’s life and I let that shit go. I get back on track the next day. Another thing that has been helpful is keeping things really simple in the mornings. I pick from a few simple breakfasts to make – enough that there is variety but nothing that requires a lot of effort or decision making. I try and pick out clothes the night before. I also create lists of what I may need to bring with me the next day.

More Morning Routines

If your interested in other people’s morning routines, is a cool site to read about successful people’s routines from all kinds of careers and lifestyles. This article showcases the morning routines of 12 female leaders, and one of my favourite authors and Podcasters, Tim Ferriss gets into this topic.

I’m genuinely curious. Feel free to share your morning routine in the comments or send me a note .
Brooke Simmons