Super Productive Weekend – Diva on a Dime Style

At home I finally redecorated my kitchen! God that felt good. Although we plan on ripping everything out of it in the new year, the thought of walking into my kitchen on the daily made me want to go back to working in an office. And I’d rather poke my eye out with a fork than commute to sit in an office every day. So since we are having people over on Christmas Eve, I decided it needed a bit of freshening up. Diva on a Dime styles.

The kitchen and bathroom were the only rooms not painted when I first bought the house. I bought the paint, just ran out of time or chutzpah I suppose. So we went crazy Friday night and most of the day Saturday during a impromptu snow storm up here. We painted walls, trim and doors. The ugly brown (yes, brown) is now a beautiful bright sunshiney yellow.

(My camera is failing me, please excuse the cloudy pictures).

I also bought some chalkboard paint and painted the front door of an ugly unsightly cabinet with it to make it look like a “specials” board instead of what it actually is.

I also went to the local second hand shop to see what they had. I found this mirror for $4 that I also wanted to turn into a chalkboard to write decorative recipes on or what have you.

I popped the mirror out, turned it around, got rid of the metal things and painted it with 3 coats of chalkboard paint. I also lightly sanded the frame to give it a distressed look.

And this is how it turned out:

I got rid of some larger appliances on the counter tops and settled for smaller ones. (Toaster oven out, small toaster in). Counter space in this place is at a minimum and I hate making stuff when there is NO place to flail around.

So the walls needed a bit more art. I found some black $2 frames at a discount store so I picked up a bunch of those. And since my kitchen was starting to have a retro schoolhouse look, I wanted to look for some vintage art to put in them.

Check out this amazing site for vintage printables! I love love love this stuff.

This one is my favourite and it’s hanging on the wall. I wish there were other ones just like it. I love pictures of animals doing human things.

So although this was a “quick fix” kitchen project, it made a hell of a big difference in here. I actually enjoy walking into my kitchen now. Here’s a tally of how much it cost:

PAINT – Already had it, but was about $22 at time of purchase.



WHITE TRIM PAINT – Already had





Bathroom is next before Christmas!