Gunshots and Peace

It’s Sunday morning — early Sunday morning, and for the second morning in a row, gunshots have made my eyes open far too early (read: game hunting, not ghetto). We are a sleep-in family and being awake in bed at this ridiculous hour on a Sunday is, well, ridiculous.

But while I’m here I’ve been thinking. Every now and then I get an overwhelming feeling that comes over me that I am exactly where I should be (and want to be) in my life. It’s a feeling full of peace and gratitude, a warmth inside that reminds me that I have it pretty good. A feeling that I would not give up what I have now-the situations and people- for anything.

I look back on things 5 years ago, and if my 5-years-ago-self saw me today she would probably wonder how the hell it all happened. Sometimes I even wonder. Some situations in my life today where set up so perfectly but by complete accident, I can’t help but be overwhelmed with gratitude while I contemplate the path. Yet the path isn’t comprehensible.

There have been so many trying times getting here, and believe me, I know we all have them.  I had to say goodbye to several people in my life in the last few years,mostly by choice. I found that this opened the door to amazing people who fill my life now. Full of love and support, and people for me to share my love and support with. In my experience, when a door closes, a window always opens. And that window is usually a sunnier one.

Things will always be changing, and I will always be striving for something different, so this isn’t the beginnings of complacency. But while I have this incredibly warm and wonderful moment, while my loves sleep peacefully (or snore & fart away) way too early on a Sunday…I will relish it.