Ghosts n’ Stuff

First off, let me start this post by saying I believe in ghosts. Several experiences throughout my 31 years had led me to my beleif as I really have no other explination. I also find the thought of our dead relatives and friends coming to visit somewhat soothing, although initially a bit freaky. I like to think when I’m talking to myself, I’m actually not, Y’know? I also respect how you feel about them too if you happen to think it’s all in my imagination. I get it. It’s weird. But let’s have mutual respect.

So I really wanted to post this on Halloween but last week turned out to be a bit busy and unpredictable. I’ve recently been getting the feeling that someone has been trying to get my attention…from the other side.

There have been 3 incidents (actually four) all in the last few weeks. Here they are:

Ghost Experience Uno – Smelly Ghost

One afternoon I was just sitting at my desk at home working away as I normally am on any given weekday afternoon. The dog was a few feet away, passed out and sawing logs. All of a sudden, he jumped up and started dancing around. He wasn’t barking, he wasn’t melting down…just something got his attention and he was trying to figure out what it was.

About 30 seconds after I asked him what he was doing, I got a really strong whiff of unfamiliar perfume. Strong enough that it made me stop what I was doing and try and figure out where it was coming from. It wasn’t mine. It wasn’t my daughters. No one was around. It was strange. About 10 minutes later, I got a strong whiff again.

I haven’t smelled it since.

Ghost Experience Two – Freak Me Out Ghost

It was either a Friday or Saturday and a few nights after the first incident, which at this point fell to the back of my brain. Tug and I were sound asleep and Princess was at her Dad’s for the weekend. The dog as usual was on the floor beside me (you’d think we were tethered). Then something woke me up from a sound sleep:

Three slow knocks at the front door. One. Two. Three. Perfectly spaced. Perfectly slow.

My eyes opened and I was literally frozen with fear. I actually thought someone was outside. I was waiting for them to knock again, and then I would wake Tug up to go check it out. But it never happened. I was wondering if maybe we forgot to move one of the vehicles off the road and it was blocking my neighbours, or maybe something was going on outside and someone needed us to help. Surely they would knock again. Then I reminded myself it was 3:30 am and NO ONE should be knocking at the door at that time. I got up to check it out without getting too close. There was no one in sight.

The next day over dinner, I kept talking about it with Tug. He didn’t hear a thing the night before. Finally he said “Babe, why don’t you Google it?”

Yes! Great idea. I Google everything. Surely this has happened before.

THAT WAS A BIG MISTAKE. Google “three knocks on door”. I dare ya.

Needless to say he rest of the evening Tug and I were lighting white candles and smudging the house.

Ghost Experience Three – Charming Ghost

This next experience happened the next day. Maybe my imagination was doing circles at this point but I really have no other explanation.

I went to the grocery store to grab a few things and was standing in line when a display caught my attention. I leaned over the railing to check the price on the item and I felt something hit my boot. I looked down and it was a bouquet of flowers.

So there was one of those buckets full of cut flowers about 2 feet to my right. There was no way I could have rubbed up against them. Tug was behind me putting stuff on the belt to check out. It all happened in a matter of about 15 seconds.Tug mentioned nothing. I just picked them up and put them back.

Since these experiences nothing much has happened in the way of paranormal activity. Other than a weird noise that came out of computer speaker that was turned off when I Googled “ghosts” shortly after the last incident.

I’ve kind of been looking for it. Maybe even asking for it. I kind of want to know what it’s all about. Who is trying to get a hold of me? What are they trying to tell me?  So far, I have no explanation. There really are no shortage of dead people it could be. I also live in a 90 year old cottage which I imagine has a lot of history, and probably seen a death or two.

So for now, my visitors are gone. Which is too bad because I do like flowers!