Getting Rid of a Blank Page in Word

In this week’s (sombre) Work Smarter Tuesday, I’ll show you a really quick fix to a surprisingly common predicament in Word:

A blank page that won’t go away.

My client’s often send me emails on this, as it drives them crazy. Fear not. It’s a 2 second fix. See below.

In this video I refer to that “P” looking thing as the “paragraph mark” button. To be correct it’s actually the “show/hide” button. Use it regularly if you don’t already. It helps to make documents perfecto!

And for goodness sake, please, PLEASE always PDF your Word documents before sending them out to clients! I had one sent to me the other day that was in Word, and it was a contract! Good thing I’m not the crazy type, or…y’know…I could’ve made my own changes.

Working smarter,