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3 thoughts on “Get in Touch

  1. Hi Brooke, I just went through the 3 day MMI event from Peak Potentials. And I was just reading your review which is exactly what I felt. I was wondering, by your comments, if you bought into and got thru the Mastering the markets course which focuses on stock market investment. If you did, can you comment about it, how did you do? any suggestions?. I greatly appreciate it.

    1. Hey Sonia:

      I did go to the Freedom Trader Intensive in LA…not sure if they changed the name or not? I actually thought it was fabulous and the instructor (Courtney Smith) was AMAZING. He is a great teacher and explained things very well. Sadly, because I am who I am (gung-ho and then get scared) , I haven’t implemented any trading into my portfolio (!!!!!???) but that is my own issue, and Courtney even says that this is 90% mindset. So in a nutshell, I think the course delivers good quality content and makes sense if you are serious about getting started on trading. I do still have all of my notes and access to his videos so when I’m ready to go I hope to pick it back up then. Hope that helps and good luck! – Brooke

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