Ethics + Disclaimer

I’m a lay all your cards on the table kind of gal. So here are my cards:

From time to time on this blog, there could be affiliate links (such as Amazon, for example) to a product or service that I recommend. If you choose to purchase from these companies through my links, I may get a kick back of some sort. I only do this for companies/services/products that I totally, wholeheartedly 100% believe in, and you always can choose to click on the affiliate link or not. It’s great when a company recognizes your support by giving you some love back.

Which brings me to my Code of Ethics list for this blog:

  • Integrity is one of my core values.
  • I will NOT ever…EVER recommend a product/company/service that I don’t love and that I have not tested personally, no matter how many carrots dangle in front of my nose.
  • You don’t ever have to buy from my affiliate links if you choose not to. 100% your choice, and I will have no idea if you don’t and just want you to do what feels good for you.
  • I will always give you my honest opinion on things – good or bad.
  • Any private emails that are sent to me are private and confidential unless you, for some reason, give me permission to share.
  • Any materials that I use for this blog will be sourced and used as ethically as possible.
  • If you have any questions about this disclaimer or my Code of Ethics, please contact me.

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