Defining Your Fears with Tim Ferriss

6.5 years ago, I read a book called the 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss that quite literally changed my life. That sounds dramatic and cliche and it wasn’t like I had a real epiphany from the book. But it sparked an idea that took off, and years later I am a self employed location independent business owner (which means I could quite literally work anywhere in the world with an internet connection). So yeah… corporate sheeple job to business owner with major flexibility. That’s a life changer.

I dig Tim Ferriss.

I also dig his podcast – he is focused on productivity and habits of the worlds most interesting and successful people. Obviously, I like productivity and habits too.

A Powerful Tool

A few weeks ago, while surfing around YouTube, I saw that he had done another TED talk. (If we’re being honest, I’m kinda over the TED talk thing, but that’s another story for another day). But since it’s Tim, I decided to watch and I wasn’t disappointed.

I’m going to let you watch it yourself, but to me it was profound. It was vulnerable. It spoke to everyone – from people who suffer from mental illness, to every day people trying to get through a challenge or plan their future. And it offered a tool that we can all implement in our lives today to start breaking down and defining our fears – and consider this before setting goals.  This. Was. Powerful!


I hope you find as much value in this as I did.

Brooke Simmons