Christmas on Wednesdays! CSA Haul

I’m pretty excited, you guys.

This summer I’ve signed up for a CSA-type of program with a local farmer. Every Wednesday, I’ve been receiving a box of goodies on my doorstep with fresh, local, organic veggies and a selection of local organic meats. I live in a smaller town where local and organic at the supermarket (believe it or not) are hard to come by.

The fun thing that I am enjoying the most is that although I know what veggies I’m getting in advance, is the meat delivery is always a surprise. He packs in all sorts of cuts that I wouldn’t ever think to purchase myself, which gets my new recipe testing skills out from the cobwebs and gets us trying new things. Last week I made Schnitzel which I don’t even think I’ve ever eaten before. It was fantastic! (Made a gluten free option with gluten free breadcrumbs and flour, and the Schnitzel recipe I used is here).

It’s a surprise – like Christmas on my doorstep every freakin’ Wednesday! It even gets dropped off in a cute tote.

CSA Haul

We received lots of beautiful greens and radishes and potatoes and such as well as a variety of beef and pork in this round.

This weekend, my own veggie garden is going to get planted as well, so abundance of lots of gorgeous, organic food this summer! This stuff makes my heart happy, folks.

What have you had success with in your veggie garden? Do you sign up for a CSA in the warmer months?

Happy Friday.
Brooke Simmons