My Honest Review on The Millionaire Mind Intensive

NB: This post was originally written in 2013. It’s still valid. I have also included a 2016 update below.


When you read that word how do you feel? Do you get a stressed out feeling in your gut, or do you feel light with elation and joy?

Regardless of where you are on the happy scale, my guess is that, like most people, somewhere inside you there are still feelings of weirdness surrounding money. You don’t charge enough for your services. You feel guilty for charging that much. You have debt that’s bumming you out. Your savings aren’t growing like they should be. You make enough but you’re unsure on how to invest it. You’ve lost a crap load in the stock market, now stocks are bad. Each one of these stories, no matter how common, are shaping your story and your relationship with money going forward.

Enter The Millionaire Mind Intensive.

How Synchronicity Stepped In

Last Spring I found, (via Twitter, that little Darling) that the MMI  was coming to Toronto. T. Harv Eker and his company Peak Potentials is the mastermind behind this event and if you don’t know who he is, he wrote the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth. Apart from watching his mildly repetitive videos on YouTube I didn’t really know too much about him. This 3-day (Friday to Sunday) “intensive” course was supposed to be a must-do for anyone wanting to increase their wealth and get a better handle on their current finances.

I do have a handful of acquaintances who have gone to the MMI (and beyond) and all seem to be doing really well for themselves. In fact one of my clients said “It changed their life”, which is a pretty heavy statement. I obviously wanted to know more. So I signed up.

Then my ego kicked in: “I’m too busy.” “Spending 3 days in a hotel will be expensive” “Who will look after the dog?” “Am I REALLY going to learn anything?” “I heard this was a cult!”  So I cancelled.

Fast forward 6 months and was looking for new options and ways to invest and manage my money. I found myself back on one of Eker’s talks on YouTube and thought to myself “tomorrow I should find out when that MMI program is coming back to Toronto”.

The next afternoon the phone rang. It was Peak Potentials. They had a gift for me: Free VIP passes to the Toronto MMI in 2 weeks and free copy’s of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. Helllllloooooo.

The Universe sometimes knocks you over the head. This was one of those times.

What You Should Expect

I ended up taking my other half (kicking and screaming), my client (and friend), and another friend who has a keen interest in investing.

This is a 3-day mental marathon – you start around 8am and go until 10 or 11 at night. Plan for that. Plan to be exhausted. Plan to have your beliefs rocked, your comfort zone bubble burst, and plan to learn several key ways to manage your money better than you did when you first walked in. Plan to laugh. Plan to cry. And plan to high-five and hug more people than you will probably be comfortable with, which in turn takes you out of your comfort zone, which in turn makes you happier after the initial weirdness wears off. Plan to feel liRaining a million bucks and feel like you can do anything. Plan to dance. Plan to sing. Plan for gifts.

Plan to also listen to pitches. Peak Potentials offers many other programs which are pitched throughout the weekend. If this offends you, plan to be offended. We were prepared for it, so it didn’t bother any of us in our group. In fact one member of our party signed up for one of the programs which actually seems like a great value. I personally am not a split-second big-ticket spender, but am considering the same course.

What you are getting however between these pitches is an incredible amount of value. One of the biggest things that can be of benefit to anyone is challenging your beliefs surrounding money. They take it deep. You will uncover things and beliefs that you’ve been holding on to that you probably haven’t even realized are effing up your money game. You will learn what they are and how to let them go. You will also let many of them go, right then and there.

They will also teach you a management system on what to do with the money you have now to help make you more money and get your money working for you. It’s reasonable and makes sense, and what I like about their system is that its not ALL about serious saving and getting down to business. They recognize that as humans we need to play too, and this system is set up for that. We all need time (and money) to spend on ourselves to relax and play without feeling guilty…in fact in my opinion this creates more creativity and happiness overall which will benefit ALL areas of your life…including the money area.

They will also identify what kind of money personality you are. This simple exercise caused a HUGE shift my relationship with DH as we are totally different in that department. I think we always knew that, but this really helped us understand a bit better where the other was coming from and develop more compassion and understanding for each other.

The biggest thing for me was their exercise on busting through fear. This seriously rocked and I’m not sharing details because for those of you thinking of going, I want you to experience it the same way I did. This will take you out of your comfort zone in a big way (at least it did for me). This happens on the Sunday, and before our lunch break they said “when you come back, you will do an exercise that you will remember for the rest of your life and will completely break you out of your comfort zone”. Well, shit…. then I wanted to leave! I seriously almost didn’t come back after my beef dip sandwich because my ego was back at it trying to keep me safe by telling me it was going to be BAD. I mean, I had visions of being dragged onstage in front of 400 people to sing karaoke. THAT would be memorable…and brutal. This exercise however, isn’t about public humiliation. It’s very personal. And also very supportive and energy rocking from the strangers-turned-peers-turned-hug-buddies. It was incredible.

When You Think You Know It All Already

I must tell you though that throughout the weekend you will feel like giving up. Just as my brain told me not to come back after lunch, it will tell you throughout the whole time that you’re too tired to continue. Or that you probably have learned everything already so you should probably just go home and take a nap. Or that you should really go get groceries or do some laundry. DON’T LISTEN TO YOUR BRAIN. You need to stay until the very end. Friday and Saturday are value-packed, and Sunday is where the real shit starts shifting. You need to be there the whole time. I told you, it’s a mental marathon.

At the very end they also shower you with gifts to help make what you learn stick. It’s worth staying for. You need the extra kick in the pants 3 weeks later when the ego creeps back in off your “I’m going to implement EVERYTHING and be amazing at everything!” high. (N.B.:The ego will always show up…we just need to show it the door when it does and not invite it in for tea).

Personal Shifts and Changes In The Last 14 Days

So do you want some proof that this has helped us change our lives? Here are a few snippets of what has happened in the last 14 days:

  • DH has started an idea board of a book he wants to write. I personally think it’s genius and am really, really excited for him! I think it could be wildly successful.
  • I have re-organized the handling of my finances and budget, including creating 2 new starter passive income streams, opening new accounts and putting a considerable chunk of money into an account geared towards my complete financial freedom.
  • 5 of us, (attendees of the MMI +1 ) have created a “Money Mastermind” to meet bi-weekly. To discuss strategies for investing, managing and creating money.
  • Our friend who attended is traveling to LA today to learn about investing with one of North America’s top gurus. This was a big reach out of their comfort zone, but took the bull by the horns and did it.
  • After about 10 years of being ‘interested’ in the stock market, I have decided to break through the ego wall of “it’s too complicated” and learn everything there is to know about it. I am capable of becoming a highly knowledgeable investor. 30-60 minutes a day is currently being devoted to this and I’m aligning myself with key mentors to help me learn more and more.
  • My mindset on money has changed considerably. When you start the course on Friday they make you take an inventory on your beliefs and values surrounding money. They make you take it again on Sunday evening. There was over a 97% shift positively towards my money mindset.
  • Overall energy is up! We are all excited about the effects that our current and future changes will make on our lives, and those around us.

What about DH who came into this kicking and screaming? He can’t wait to go back, and bring people he knows will benefit from it.

So, in a nutshell, if you are thinking about going, do it. Stay the whole time. Reap the benefits. You will come away with a shift. I promise.

Lots of financial love and blessings,

Brooke Simmons



2016 Update:

I actually think this is being called the Millionaire Mind Experience now.

So I thought I would give you a little update as it’s been quite a while since I first posted this review. I’m sure you are all dying to know if I’m a millionaire by now.

Nope. I’m not.

However, my net worth has considerably increased, and my money mindset – I believe anyway – has permanently changed. I’m making more money now than I ever have and I have implemented many changes and money habits over the last 3 years and slowly but surely things are progressing quite nicely.

Here’s the deal though – was it the MMI alone that made me change my relationship with money? Not entirely. For most people (unless you are naturally born with an extensively ‘roided out money muscle), money skills are a learned thing and it’s not a one time weekend deal and you’re an insta-expert, fast tracking to millionaire status and a Lambo.

You have to continuously improve, continuously learn, continuously practice and make mistakes to get things down and build your money muscle. Some folks are also born into situations where the money thinking is completely fucked up and ass backwards and it takes even more tenacity to learn to build a healthy relationship with money.

I make a point minimum 5 days a week to put my money neurons to work and immerse myself in either managing my money or learning about/discussing finances. It’s not as boring as it sounds and it can be as simple as listening to a podcast for 15 minutes on your drive to work. Or checking in with your bank account or investments. Use that muscle to keep it strong and build long lasting habits and mindsets.

Also – and I can’t stress this enough – start hanging out with people who have healthy attitudes about wealth and money! They don’t have to be the dude in the Lambo (do you know how many Lambo drivers are in debt up to their eyeballs?…no joke). But someone who is working their money muscle and meeting their financial goals. You can’t choose your family, but if Aunt Martha is constantly complaining about the credit card companies calling, you are immersing yourself in a lack mindset and you need a shift.

Ok, but should I go to the MMI this weekend and spend my whoooooole weekend there instead of cleaning my house/having a pool party/driving the kids to soccer?


Yes you should.

For me the MMI was just the beginning. A kick in the pants and some really solid money lessons and mindset shifting. It’s challenging and motivating and you will benefit from it. If you are going for free, take this as a gift and a universal nudge. All stages of money muscle could benefit.

Don’t stop there though…keep it moving. I personally like Dave Ramsey’s podcast because I dig his no bull-shit attitude, planning strategies for wealth and theory’s on debt (you have to stomach a few Bible verses, but it’s worth it). There are oodles of other financial podcasts out there on everything from basic money management to big time investing. Take advantage. They’re free. Mint is a cool budgeting/goal setting and money tracking tool.

This is the longest post in history now, but I hope it was valuable. In short –
go to the MMI or MME or whatever it is called now, have a few shifts and tell me how it went.


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