DH is my loving boyfriend. Picture Ted. Cute, cuddly, sweet and adorable…with a trucker mouth and a few bad habits.

He is my biggest supporter and the first person to tell me I’m being ridiculous.


Princess is my tween who acts like a princess 85% of the time. Overall, she is a sweetheart, and lordy knows, I was 100% more hell-on-wheels at her age than she is. Cheers to that. Let’s hope it stays that way.


Charles is our little (big German Shepherd) orphan Annie dog who I picked up at a local shelter. Charles has low self esteem and is insecure. But he has conquered some big fears since he’s joined our household such as cars, hardwood, stairs, and has stopped jumping through the dining room windows when I leave the house to go out. He is sweet and dumb.
Charles also has another personality that I will call “Ugly Dog”. Ugly Dog comes out at the most inopportune moments,and without warning. Ugly Dog will not kill you, but may land you in prison. Also does not make friends with the neighbors, and gets “uninvited” to certain places.


Gargamel is our resident feline and hunter/bunny brain connoisseur. Pushing 15, Gargamel is the owner of the home (in his world), and a delusional senior citizen kitty who still looks dapper and can catch prey twice his size. Such a sweet little kitty.

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