8 Habits to Adapt in 2014

Happy 2014 beautiful people.

I hope the holidays were good to you, love bugs. Now on to 2014! The goals, visions and perseverance we set forth now will undoubteby come up as we take stock of all that was in 2014 at years end. The money, the gains, the losses, the loves, the adventures, the habits. It will all be there. So what will truly be important at the end of it all? What will you be proud of yourself for learning and accomplishing during this year?

I want to share some habits that I adapted (and succeeded with) in 2013. Somewere a little tough going at first. Some of these will help you kick start your success pants for 2014. Take what you need. Disregard the rest.

  • Create a morning routine. – This singlehandedly was a game changer for me. A disciplined morning routine complete with meditation, writing, and a workout really upped my game in 2013 and saw almost instant results in other areas of my life. Make this routine personal and sacred for you.
  • Drink lemon water every morning. – Not only does lemon water alkalize the system, but it delivers a punch of vitamin C to keep your immune system strong. I can’t remember the last time I was sick. Not a morning goes by without the kettle boiling and fresh organic lemons being squeezed. It’s the first thing in ma belleh, and it packs in a whole list full of health benefits.
  • Take stock of gratitude – Every. Single. Day. This is powerful. Find 5 things daily that you are thankful for and write them down. Keep a notebook handy for this. This simple act which takes a few minutes will shift your energy to a more positive focus therefore, (according to the law of attraction), sending more positive things your way. Do it. Keep doing it. Even if you are having a shitty day. Actually, write down 10 things you are thankful for when you are having a shitty day. You will reap the rewards.
  • Get a hobby & have some fun – Focusing your time and energy on ONLY your business, or ONLY your kids, or ONLY your relationship will wear you thin. (Many of us get stuck in the trap of hyper focus). You need time to focus on something that gets your brain moving off the beaten track. Find something that you enjoy and schedule the time to do 31ways.com t. Mine are riding my horse, creating  and cooking from scratch. My brain feels like a million bucks after a weekend of no work and all fun. PS – This shouldn’t be a computer related activity. Online poker doesn’t count. Step outside. Move around. Engage your brain in a different gear
  • Ditch the news – As a former news and world affairs junkie who comes from a long line of die-hard CNN watchers, I was shocked when this habit broke so easily.  Sniffling at the TV one morning after one particularly horrifying news story and wondering why the world was so messed up, I realized that by sitting there and watching the madness I wasn’t contributing to the solution. When I thought about it, listening to the news in the morning (or anytime for that matter) didn’t contribute positively to my life at all. Let’s face it, if it’s big enough news, people somewhere will be talking about it. Have I missed anything major? Probably. Have I cut out unnessecery baggage that doesn’t pertain to me? You betcha.
  • Take a break. You work hard, darling. We all do. The best thing ever for your hard work is to take time away from your hard work. This creates space for creative thought, new ideas and more excitement. I notice when I’ve taken a break away from work, the imagination starts flowing and some of the excitement butterflies come back. New ideas spawn and the magic happens. Whether it be time away for your hobby, a weekend out of town at a friend’s place or scheduling a much needed midweek spa escape, taking a break need not be complicated or expensive. Don’t wait for anyone’s permission to do this, you won’t get it. Give yourself permission, and don’t make excuses.
  • Go to bed early – At least one night a week. Some of you may do this every night I realize. But if you happen to be a bit of a night owl or tend to work late into the evening like I do, make sure you plan a day a week to go to bed ridiculously early. Grab your jammies, tea, a book, a gossipy magazine, or your lover and hit the hay for lazy productive time. It can be rejuvenating to catch up on the sleep hours that you lost during the days before, or just catch a few extra hours of mid-week R&R.
  • Release – I learned last year from my amazing business coach to start releasing things. In fact, I think his words to me were: “Brooke, stop sitting in a bunch of shit… release on it and move on.” I was confused. Then he explained the why I would do such a thing: Releasing on work, old relationships, arguments, kids, health…anything that is bogging you up and making you feel icky will make you let it go and give way for new experiences. He gave me a great little simple resource to use, and I did…and interesting things started to happen. If you find yourself on a hamster wheel of thought about anything really…consider learning how to release your brain junk.

I’m excited to see what new habits I can create for myself this year. I know several areas where I could see myself picking up a new habit or two. Time management for example…!

What habits have you adapted and stuck with?

With Love,

Brooke Simmons




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  1. Hi Brooke. I actually do not know how your site ended up in my open tabs list but I am so glad it did. I know this post is old and it’s 2015 but man oh man, the advice imparted here makes a lot of sense- specifically in my life between raising kids solo (1 Autistic 5 year old and an infant) , work from home (finance – 100% my responsibility) and just trying to get a life going for myself. Each day is challenging but my greatest challenge is finding time to do it all. My body is tiring out but I also got glimpses of what life can be with a good routine last year. Starting off the day right is the most important step. Anyways, thank you for your blog post , it may not mean much but it sure as hell woke me up a bit 🙂

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