VLOG: 5 Essentials for Productivity

Brooke Simmons

I did it. I videotaped myself and made a Vlog post.

There are a lot of “ums” but you will get over it.

Today I’m sharing my 5 daily essentials for productivity (in less than 7 minutes). I would love to have your comments below, and please share how you stay productive!

The song is Mr. Hurricane from the Montreal band Beast. They are super cool.

Thanks for watching! xo

Brooke Simmons

9 thoughts on “VLOG: 5 Essentials for Productivity

  1. Hi Brooke,
    It was nice to see you almost in person. That video was very helpful to me since I am just starting out. I’m still working on my website. Was scheduled to have my first client interview today but had to reschedule for next week due to the snowstorm. I really appreciate the information. We’re connected so I hope I will know when you do this again but please let me know.

    Have a great evening!

    1. Thanks Quay!

      Good luck with your client interview next week, and yes, all of these things are great when you’re first starting out!

      All of my business ideas have been passed through Evernote at one point or another!

      Have a beautiful evening 🙂


  2. love it, love it, love it!!! You are still as beautiful as always and I am totally impressed with your smarts!! ums and all!! Great to see you making such a success of your life. So proud of you!!

    PS. great tips as well. I use some of them but always glad to hear more!

  3. Great Vlog, Brooke. Well done. Love the tools you spoke about…I do use 2 or 3 of them myself. I’m definitely going to try Toggl.

    Another great feature with HootSuite is its ability to search Twitter by Geocode (location). If you’re looking for who is using your keywords in a certain geographical location, it will find the conversation!

    Two other great tools I have been trying lately are PearlTrees and Sendgine. Both great for collaboration.

    PearlTrees is a similar concept to Evernote except it focuses on collecting webpages only. But you can include other users for collaboration

    Sendgine is an email alternative of sorts. Again for collaborating on projects.

    Check them out sometime!

    1. Thanks Tim!

      Great point about Hootsuite! It’s a great tool overall and handles social media management beautifully.

      Thanks also for sharing PearlTrees and Sendgine. I will check both of them out. I love hearing about/trying new resources.


  4. Hi Brooke, lookin good! I just so happen to be launching the new company I’ve been working on for a while now—providing businesses with inbound marketing solutions.
    The vlog was great, and it looks like you’ve found your niche—congrats! I’ve just downloded Toggl, and I think it’s gonna help quite a bit!
    Anyhow, hope you’re well and keep in touch!

    1. Hi Jamie! Good to hear from you. Let’s chat at some point in the near future so I can hear more about your business.

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